By Kaya Zabriskie She is part of the new fit movement that has taken over Instagram. Fit is the new sexy–sore is the new sexy. She has created a community of strong women all over the world who help each other and motivate one another. Twenty-seven-year old Anna Victoria has developed a 12-week Fit Body […]

By Olivia Austin Math. It is a subject that so many have come to dread. Especially at a small, liberal arts school like John Cabot University (JCU), where communications and art history majors require the practice of skills from the complete opposite side of the brain. According to the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance, […]

By Cristina Di Leva Franco Pavoncello, 66, the first Italian to hold the challenging position of president of John Cabot University since 2006, has been re-elected by the Board to lead the university until Spring 2019. President Pavoncello’s renewed term, which was to expire in June 2016, will facilitate the university’s growth in next three […]

By Samantha Abear The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that since Jan. 1, 2016, a total of 166,465 migrants and refugees have arrived to Europe by land and sea. We are in the midst of what is being called the Refugee Crisis. Students of John Cabot University (JCU) engage with the Refugee Crisis in […]

By Professor Erik Walters I laugh at her. I laugh with her. I cry because of her. I cry for her. She makes me proud. She embarrasses me. We have an imperfect relationship. We have a love-hate relationship. We have a dysfunctional relationship. We have a human relationship. The more I learn about her and […]

By Enrica Barberis Abortion has been legal in Italy for more than three decades, but more and more doctors still today refuse to perform abortion procedures. The strong influence that Catholicism has on the Italian public opinion is to be blamed. According to a recent report by the Italian Department of Health, two gynecologists out […]

By Olena Borodina On April 26, 1986 the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant blew up and released an unprecedented amount of radioactive particles into the atmosphere.  The accident in the town of Pripyat, Ukraine was classified as a 7 level event (the maximum rate) on the International Nuclear Event Scale. The catastrophe released 400 times more […]

By Ekaterina Soubeva The current refugee crisis has exacerbated the division between Western and Eastern Europe. It has caught the European Union unprepared. Even though the situation in the Middle East and North Africa has been unstable for years, Europe could not have anticipated a wave of refugees to invade its borders. Most Western European […]


By Justin Williams The relationship between a man and his barber is often an intimate one. It takes a huge level of trust to allow another person to use shears, clippers and blades on your face and neck. This bond is especially strong in the Black community, where the barbershop has traditionally not only been […]

By Lydia Smith This March, students and faculty from John Cabot University will have the opportunity to attend a production of Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap’, the world’s longest running show. This is the first ever murder mystery play to be performed and produced by the John Cabot University Theater Society. With only seven weeks to […]

By Valentina Calindri Students at the John Cabot University are enthusiastic about the new Barbie collection released in January by Mattel. They think it is a great idea and a step forward in the direction of accepting new models for women. “I think it’s a brilliant idea,” said Antonia Basile, an Italian student of Art […]

By Samantha Abear   Students and faculty at John Cabot University (JCU) are frustrated that the final exam schedule is not available until the fourth week of the semester. Students at similar universities, such as the American University of Rome (AUR), receive their exam schedule on the first day of classes.   For some, this […]


By Selena Handler “Run!” Molly Dickman yelled to her three friends as the piazza opened up in front of them. Uninhibited by untied laces and crooked cobblestones, the four young women began to pick up the pace as eight men chased them and yelled out Italian phrases they could not understand. Luckily, Dickman and her […]

By LUDOVICA PIZZICHELLI This semester, after John Cabot University’s LGBTQ Alliance lay dormant as a result of its entire board graduating, it was revived by freshman Katie Kehoe. Kehoe has always felt like an ally to the community and began in middle school to challenge the negative stereotypes formed in schools against LGBTQ people. When […]

By PAUL ANTHONY What arises from Fifty Shades of Grey is only the best piece of cinema that could become of an already fragile and mediocre novel. I will not waste time writing about the plot of the story, for I will assume that anyone reading this review has most likely read the book by […]

MUN society in Seoul

A group of 11 John Cabot Universitu (JCU) students traveled to Seoul, South Korea on March 13 to participate in Harvard University’s World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) conference. At WorldMUN, the JCU students represented the country of Ghana in a variety of committees, including Legal; International Monetary Fund; Social, Cultural and Humanitarian. WorldMUN welcomes around […]

By EKATERINA SOUBEVA The International Relations Society, accompanied by Prof. Pamela Harris, embarked on their first study trip to The Hague, Holland, where they had the privilege of visiting the International Court of Justice, the Dutch Parliament, as well as the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. On Thursday, January 29th, Genoveva Madurga welcomed […]

By MARTINA LIBURDI & KRISTEN YOUNG Liburdi and Young are interns for the Guarini Institute On March 16, just two days before the murderous terrorist attack on the Bardo Museum in Tunis, the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs welcomed three distinguished experts to host a panel, “Tunisia: An Exception to the Arab Spring?” The event […]

By FEDERICA BRIZZI Free speech is one of the foundational concepts of modern societies. The constitutions of countries like Italy, the United Sates or the United Kingdom, for example, hail free speech as one of the cardinal values upon which the whole society must be built upon. The need for an unfettered expression of ideas, […]

By ASIA COLOMBO Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH) was dormant for a year, and now for Spring 2015 re-established by degree seekers President Asia Colombo, Vice President Emma Scruggs, and Events Coordinators Clarissa Cecchi and Flavijian Gerasimov. UFWH is part of an international initiative started in 2004 as partnership between United Nations World Food Programme […]